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Welcome to Gadgetmalta, Malta’s largest online camping and hiking shop.

We are a team of camping and hiking enthusiasts with a passion for the great outdoors. We decided to combine our common interests and experiences and created Gadgetmalta, a one stop online camping and hiking shop.

We hope you like this shop as much as we do and that you have a great shopping experience. Our prime goal is to do our best and bring you a variety of camping and hiking equipment to suit all needs. We hope that you will find this one stop shop useful.


Gadgetmalta is the result of the combination of ideas of people just like you. We were frustrated that in Malta things are limited and certain items can either not be found at all or else found at a very expensive price. We wanted to do something about this and at gadgetmalta managed to overcome these two problems!!

  • We have links with partner warehouses in various countries in various distribution centres.
  • This enables us to offer a vast selection of good quality items, some of which you will not find in Malta or else find them at a crazy price!! Our items are at a reduced price because we avoid all the middlemen.
  • When you buy from us you are buying directly from the warehouse. Our profit is only a commission that we receive from the warehouse with each sale.
  • Why should you pay more when you can get the same item (or better) for less? That is why gadgetmalta should be your one stop camping and hiking shop.

We are constantly updating our inventory and if you look for something and do not find it, please let us know and we will do our best to outsource it from one of our partner warehouses.

Alternatively if you are one of the many who already bought something from Gadgetmalta, please do let us know how you find the item/s purchased. We would be very happy to receive your feedback and share camping experiences.

Thank you and happy shopping!!

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